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There are 4 common types of legal papers a process serving company serves, writs, subpoenas, summons and complaints. Our principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case so we make sure that that when serving court papers it is done in  quickest, easiest, and most efficient way. So how do we make process serving easy? Simple, technology, it can make any tedious manual process easy.

So here’s how it goes. You order a pick up, our trusted agent then comes to pick up your docs and serve it. After serving any legal documents, our process servers have notifies you that the legal papers were served.

Originally, legal papers were typically served to individuals by their local police but it became a challenging endeavor for the police to disperse court papers while attending to legal situations that results in failure of serving the documents. For that reason, our process serving company decided to deliver these papers legally and in a timely manner using technology.

By using our service at ServePaper.US, you are going straight to the person or company who is going to be serving your papers. You will save time and money, and you will have a shorter chain of communication regarding your serves should you have questions regarding the status of your service. It is important that when serving court papers the process servers have the skills and experience to serve your legal documents in a timely and affordable manner and, more importantly, serve them in accordance with the local and state process serving laws. is a process serving company with trusted network of local, trusted and pre-screened process servers. Our process servers excels in the important areas of customer satisfaction, rules of civil procedure, speed of service, and success rate. By only accepting knowledgeable servers in our network, can we properly serve court papers, making sure that they are familiar with the local rules and regulations, courthouses, and their coverage area.

Just like you, we had to serve paper documents in our lives at some point. Whether it was for business, for a divorce or other reasons, it was never a nice and easy experience for us.

Because of our long business experience in technologies, we decided to make the process simple. Like super simple.

Most websites only send you to a contact form. Not with us. Choose your service, order it and one of our trusted agents will come pick up your document and go serve it right away.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Technology can make any tedious manual process easy.

It just needs to be thought through. And we did it.

So here’s how it goes:

  1. You order a pick/up
  2. Our trusted agent comes pick up your docs
  3. Our Trusted agent serves it and notifies you.
  4. …. there’s no 4.

Court made a decision in your favor and gave you the document that proves it. Now you need to make the other party officially aware of it. That’s the moment when you need to serve this paper document. You can’t simply mail it.

Short answer: not you.

By law, your paper document can’t be served by someone involved in the action. And honestly, it’s better like this. If you went to court it means that your relation with the other party is not good. It might even be dangerous to do it yourself.

Well, when your process is manual, it means that there’s a lot of human working hours involved. And that’s expensive. If you add up human errors, it becomes as expensive as it can be unreliable.

We automate the whole processing service to save you money and offer you a much better service. We pick up, we track, we get it served whatever happens. Efficiency is always cheaper and more reliable.



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Customer Satisfaction

Is the police more reliable?

Think about that. You see them coming, you know you lost in court and you know it’s only worth something once you get served… Do you open the door?

And the officers only do 3 attempts. They definitely have more important things to do.

Only success matters

What’s your goal?

Have this document served as soon as possible. Of course you may enjoy the idea of having the police show up at the other party’s place but the only thing that really matters is the outcome: Paper Document Delivered. That’s what we do.

Too cheap not good?

The situation is stressful for you and reason might well be out of the way. We do it cheaper because we’re more efficient. And we’re just not taking advantage of your stress by over charging you.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are both individuals and professionals. Law firms use our service because we’re fast and cheap, individuals use our services because it’s so much easier and cheaper. We serve paper on the behalf of anyone.

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